TEMO Lori & Henriette Interview 2

Lori Webb, entrepreneur research evangelist, author, speaker, educator, designer and trendspotter, is Lead Insparker!

She pulls expertise and insight from a long history and range of life, academic and professional experience. She is a professional speaker and trainer specializing in, among other things, entrepreneurship, experience design and social media. Lori has assisted thousands of entrepreneurs, organisations, businesses, friends and family to help them grow their online presence across social media platforms; improve their brand experience and increase their revenue. She is also a renowned international trend spotter, entrepreneurial evangelist and author. She holds a M.Sc. in Information Technology (Design, Communication & Media).

Born in NYC, Lori, lived the first part of her life throughout the North Eastern and Mid-Western part of the U.S. and the second part of her life in North Western Europe. Primarily, Copenhagen, Denmark, where she lives with her family.