What’s On


Lori Webb will be featured on the RED ZONE MARKETING podcast, Female Insight Zone with Maribeth Kuzmeski. The show is broadcast on C-Suite Radio to more than 1,500,000 C-Suite Executives as well as through iTunes.  Maribeth was a wonderful hostess and Lori greatly enjoyed sharing her thoughts on the power of experience on the show.


During 2017, INDSPARK! will reconnect with its roots of crafting exceptional experiences. The company has provided information, inspiration, motivation and a figurative swift kick in the butt (aka tough love/straight talk) through a range of mediums over the years.

This year, in congruence with founder, Lori Webb’s own desires, INDSPARK! will be headed to the next level to integrate a stronger influence of the where and its effect on our who, what, why and how.

This will be evident through the writing, speaking, coaching and event creation of the coming year.