When you are looking to innovate, increase engagement, enhance creativity or find opportunities in your business, organization or event than Indspark! has an arsenal of tools, methods, training and products to support you in achieving your goals.


As with 2016, Lori has limited the number of individual coaching clients with whom she will work throughout the year. Along with an intimate year-long program, she will offer occasional intensives and intermittent events.


Along with INDSPARK! Publishing’s three currently published (#1 Amazon Bestseller) titles is an extensive back catalog of work waiting for public consumption. Keep your eye out for this in 2017.

Speaking and Presentation Opportunities.

You can hire Lori to do, support you or train your team in doing, Keynotes, Event Hosting, Moderating, Facilitating, Panels, Workshops, In-House Presentations, Media Guest Expert Appearances, Seminars, Webinars, Telesummits and Online Shows.

Training can include Presentation Design, Writing, Visual Creations as well as On Stage, On Camera, Online and Personal Branding Techniques.

Leveraging degrees and professional experience in acting, modeling, design, performance, public speaking and technology; Lori can deliver, or assist you in creating, a holistic and thoroughly branded presentation for any occasion.


Are you looking for visual inspiration for your home, office, event or venue? Contact us about our catalog of over 20,000 of photos from animals to abstracts for display or individual purchase. See gallery.