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    Indspark! is a boutique media & consultancy company that develops and distributes content to inform, inspire, motivate and provide a (gentle) kick in the butt when necessary to get you out of your head and into action. If you would like to read more about the founder, Lori Webb, try here.

    Entrepreneurial Profiles: Around the World & Down the Street

    2020 Update

    In 2008, Indspark! Publishing author, Lori Webb, embarked upon a groundbreaking book to explore and herald the diversity of the international entrepreneurial spirit.


    The book was to integrate multimedia via QR Codes, present a range of representation and use video interviews to further the connective experience. The book would focus on exploring the diversity of the entrepreneurial spirit, rather than the financial success of any given entrepreneur; and to be an inclusive representation of that spirit internationally.


    As she began her research, the project eventually snowballed into something greater than initially conceived and through her obsession of continued interviews; attendance at events; investment into entrepreneurial programs and resources; teaching entrepreneurship; delivering presentations and creating platforms for the visibility of entrepreneurial diversity; she became overwhelmed with data and burnt out by a lack of prioritization of her individual well being.


    A decade has passed since research began on the book, however, Webb has still not given up on it and is currently re-configuring her data for upcoming release. The past decade of intense research has offered additional rewards to understanding the entrepreneurial domain by providing perspective shifts and evolution over time.


    The research uncovered several models of entrepreneurship that include: the four key triggers that ignite the entrepreneurial spirit; the four most attractive aspects of entrepreneurship; the five elements that make for a successful start; four key ways to discover how to best serve your market; and the seven greatest challenges to entrepreneurial success.


    In the interest of inclusion and data of a broader perspective; those interviewed represent street vendors to multi-millionaires with ages ranging from teen to senior. The diversity of individuals also span national, ethnic, religious, gender, sexual preference, philosophical, political, geographic, economic, and industry barriers, as well. Interviewees include the relatively unknown to some of the most celebrated minds and most influential names of the 20th and 21st Century.


    Over the years, more than 400 entrepreneurs have been interviewed across the globe. Some interviewed have since moved on from the venture with which they were involved at the time of being interviewed; while some have remained, grown that venture, and skyrocketed their brand to fame. Regardless, of the current statuses of their ventures, each interview, remains a valuable addition to understanding the entrepreneurial spirit.


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    Global Entrepreneurship Week

    Since it's inception, Lori Webb of Indspark!, has participated in Global Entrepreneurship Week. She has produced online, offline and hybrid events to celebrate. In the early years, she did trend presentations and provided coaching. In 2015, she conceptualized, designed, and implemented a free 168-hour continuous live stream event to support entrepreneurs from around the world. Thirty official hosts assisted in creating this first of its kind vision that saw 20K plus attendees engaged with each other and a set of diverse entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurially minded throughout the globe. Each day held a particular theme in which the hosts guided the conversations. The themes included women, youth, inclusion, ecosystems, investors, sustainability, and more. In the years that followed she contributed to a host of online events throughout the year including spearheading events such as online summits StartupCon, Beyond Envy, and the in-person; communal table. In 2019, she reintroduced the concept of The Entrepreneur Hotline. And along with only two other official hosts split 105 continuous hours of live streaming among themselves. They brought on 24 guest hosts to discuss a range of important 21st-century topics relevant for the entrepreneur and some just for fun topics, as well. Despite being a last-minute concept with zero marketing lead time the event was still able to attract 3 K attendees. It is a work in progress, that Webb continues to be passionate about and believes that entrepreneurs and the world need. She continues, therefore, to work towards realizing the dream of full time 24 in/7 info and live line for the entrepreneurial community. Especially, during these very unpredictable, stressful, as well as opportune times. Please reach out if you'd like to be a part.

    The Entrepreneur Hotline (2019)

    Communal Table Talks (2018)

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  • Happy International Happiness

    Indspark! is involved in a range of activities throughout the year. As an example, International Happiness Day, Earth Day, International Women's Day, and more.

  • 30 Day Video Challenge (2012)

    In 2012, Lori Webb, along with two London based female entrepreneurs, hosted a 30 day, 30 women, 30 video business challenge as a means to encourage strategic use of video on the then newly popular, YouTube. Participants learned how to leverage video to increase their message and marketing reach and to grow their following across key 2012 platforms. Webb, having the strongest tech background, conducted platform tutorials, and was responsible for sharing daily challenge content across social, as well as conducting a daily participant highlight and customized review. Webb also participated herself, while, simultaneously launching her 3rd Amazon #1 Bestseller. Listen in on her 30 days here.